United Nations calls for greater protection for children in the face of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, we are seeing an alarming pattern.

The poorest and most vulnerable members of society are being hardest hit, both by the pandemic and the response.

The report urges governments and donors to prioritize education for all children.

It recommends the provision of economic assistance, including cash transfers, to low-income families and minimize disruptions to social and healthcare services for children.

It further recommends specific protection for the most vulnerable – children in conflict situations; child refugees and displaced persons; children living with disabilities and those living in slums.

In a statement, the UN Secretary-General noted that "as health services become overwhelmed, sick children are less able to access care." He added that "with the global recession gathering pace, there could be hundreds of thousands additional child deaths in 2020." 

He therefore appealed to families everywhere, and leaders at all levels to protect our children.

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