Ghana and Switzerland sign MoU to take action on climate commitments

Ghana and Switzerland have signed an MoU to strengthen the mode of cooperation between the two countries under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on climate actions.

Ghana's Foreign Minister (L) and the Swiss Foreign Minister (R) sign the MoU


Both countries are responding to the need to implement enhanced climate actions, by moving ahead with an agenda to engage in ‘cooperative approaches’, to compliment Ghana’s Nationally Determined Contributions to address climate change

The bilateral agreement will facilitate Ghana’s National Clean Energy Access Programme (NCEP), which will enable the country to receive international financial support to implement projects to fulfill its climate commitments. NCEP’s overall goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by expanding energy access through distributed energy systems to residential houses and small and medium sized businesses. The actions being discussed under the agreement could see the installation of solar PV systems for commercial consumers, solar lanterns, solar home systems and provision of improved cooking systems nation-wide.

A press release issued by the UNDP indicates that the MoU is incredibly unique, and in fact only the second of such dialogues taking place globally, with Peru being the first country to have one. Through a close partnership with the Government of Ghana and institutional expertise on carbon market mechanisms, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was able to support and facilitate the dialogue between Ghana and Switzerland and will continue offering this support as the cooperation progresses.


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