Everyone Can Make a Difference, Every Action Counts - UNHCR and Ghana Refugee Board Press Release

Not only have record numbers of people who fled their homes to find safety increased – but the entire world is grappling with the devastation of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This global health crisis is evolving into an economic crisis, and in turn, has exposed social inequalities in our societies which are begging for solutions.


In commemoration of World Refugee Day 2020, the Representative of UNHCR Ghana and the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Refugee Board have issued a press release calling for renewed commitment to stand behind the UN Global Compact on Refugees. This Compact recognizes that forced displacement is a development issue. That there is a need to support host governments by easing the pressure of hosting refugees, to support the base for self-reliance and livelihoods so that they can contribute effectively in the economies where they find themselves, and to support the search for durable solutions including peace and reconciliation in countries of origin. Read further.


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