Secretary-General Policy Brief on COVID-19 and People on the Move

COVID-19 leaves few lives and places untouched. But its impact is harshest for those groups who were already in vulnerable situations before the crisis. This is particularly true for many people on the move, such as migrants, internally displaced persons (IDPs) or refugees and asylum-seekers.

The disproportionate impact of the COVID19 pandemic on people on the move presents itself as three interlocking crises, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities - a health crisis, a socio-economic crisis and a protection crisis.

Against this background, the this policy brief suggests that COVID-19 crisis presents us with an opportunity to reimagine human mobility for the benefit of all while advancing our central commitment of the 2030 Agenda to leave no one behind. In therefore offers four basic tenets to guide our collective response: 1. Exclusion is costly in the long-run whereas inclusion pays off;  2. The response to COVID-19 and protecting the human rights of people on the move are not mutually exclusive: COVID-19 has not stopped people from fleeing violence or persecution; 3. No-one is safe until everyone is safe; and 4. People on the move are part of the solution: The best way to recognize the important contribution made by people on the move to our societies during this crisis is to remove barriers that inhibit their full potential. Read the full policy brief.

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