Public Disclaimer - “UN-YOUTH GHANA”

The United Nations in Ghana has observed with growing concern the use of the United Nations brand, emblem and logo by some groups and associations in the country purporting to be associated with the United Nations.  Reference in this Disclaimer is made to the group called ‘UN Youth Ghana’.

The United Nations in Ghana wishes to inform the general public that the UN has no affiliation with ‘UN Youth Ghana’ and advises the public that any engagement with this group does not have the endorsement or support of the United Nations.

We also use this opportunity to request that group to refrain from using the UN brand, emblem and logo without authorization. 

The United Nations in Ghana hereby notes that the use of the United Nations emblem and logo by non-United Nations entities is restricted and can only be applied after due authorization. Non-UN entities are advised to request a written authorization from the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs ( 

Official rules governing the use of the UN emblem on publications and other products are included in the following Administrative Instructions: ST/AI/189/Add.2, STAI/189/ Add.2/Amend. 1, and ST/AI/189/Add. 21 and ST/AI/189/Add. 21/Amend. 1, section V.

We advise the general public to ensure due diligence in engaging with groups using the UN brand, emblem and logo by accessing genuine UN-related information from the relevant UN agencies’ websites or from the UN Ghana website (

The UN in Ghana remains committed to working with the Government of Ghana and its people to deliver on its mandate to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and support Ghana attain its development objectives.

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