DSG Shares Hope with Young People Living with HIV and Disability

Inspired by their thoughts and experiences, the UN DSG has assured young people that they are not alone when she met them in a solidarity encounter in Accra.

Persons living with HIV and persons with disabilities are most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. During these abnormal times where the entire world is being urged to inspire hope, solidarity and a coordinated effort to overcome the pandemic, persons living with HIV and persons with disabilities now, more than ever, need the support of the society to be able to better overcome the impact of the pandemic.

The United Nations in Ghana, led by UNFPA and UNAIDS, provides support to some youth groups and engage them in conversations that are beneficial to help them sail through their difficulties during these times of the pandemic.

The Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, accompanied by the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. Charles Abani, joined other diplomatic corps at a solidarity encounter with some young people living with HIV and young people with disabilities at the James Town Café in Accra. The event was also part of the World AIDS Day Campaign with the theme, “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility”.  The conversation was to give young people hope and inspire and encourage them to look beyond their challenges and strive to reach their fullest potentials.

Believing that community activism and solidarity are vital for people living with HIV and those with disabilities, the Young Health Advocates of Ghana and Youths of the Ghana Dreams Disability Development Foundation, met to share experiences and inspire each other. Supported by UNAIDS and UNFPA, the groups have come to appreciate the importance of youth engagement and the existence of such platforms in overcoming their challenges and fears.

Inspired by the thoughts and experiences of these youth, the Deputy Secretary-General assured the young people that they are not alone. “When you are alone, look left and look right, and see that the community is there for you”, she told them.

She told the young people that “persons living with disabilities have very special abilities” encouraging them to focus on their abilities instead of focusing on what they do not have.

The DSG was delighted to have had such interactions with young people inspiring hope in each other in spite of their challenges.


Written by
Cynthia Prah
Communications Officer
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