Senior UN officials of African descent issue call to ‘go beyond and do more’ to end racism

The Senior UN officials made this call in a piece written in their personal capacity to denounce racism in the wake of the death of George Flyod.

The senior leaders in the UN, who report directly to Secretary-General António Guterres, and who are African or of African descent, have put their names to a personal and hard-hitting statement, in a form of an Op-ed, expressing their outrage at pervasive and systemic racism, highlighting the need to ‘go beyond and do more’ than just offering condemnation.

They write "As senior African leaders in the United Nations, the last few weeks of protests at the killing of George Floyd in the hands of police, have left us all outraged at the injustice of racism that continues to be pervasive in our host country and across the world", adding that "Now is the time to move from words to deeds."

All signatories to this Op-ed hold the rank of Under Secretary-General. They signed this Op-ed in their personal capacity. 


Written by
Cynthia Prah
Communications Officer
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